From the ashes of world war, three men unite on a quest to build the world’s greatest race car.


Magnificent Madness is a multi-season television series produced by US-based Duncan Entertainment Group. Each season features a multi-part documentary series about global events and innovations with entertaining twists and turns defined by genius, creativity, and the abstractions associated with blind ambition.

The episodes are character-driven and feature well known personalities whose successes and failures make history, and whose lives are defined by invention, innovation, drive, and passion.

Dashboard of 204
Cisitalia 204
Nuvolari 202 from rear view
Nuvolari 202
Piero Dusio in a D46
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Season one of Magnificent Madness is based on the unique collaboration of racecar driver Tazio Nuvolari, design engineer Ferdinand Porsche, and Italian industrialist and amateur racecar driver Piero Dusio in their quest to make the world’s greatest Grand Prix car. 

The story takes place between 1930-1950 in southern Europe and South America. Magnificent Madness was shot entirely on location in Italy, Argentina and the United States.

204 being filmed
David Pasquesi As The Storyteller
Duncan With Supercharango
Dusio's Desk & Family
FieldProducer Federica Belletti
Huck Filming Cisitalia 204
Interview With Lorenzo Montagner
Italy Crew With Cisitalia 202 in Turin
Jose Maria In Buenos Aires
Magnificent Madness Set
Pabst Theater & Cisitalia 204A
Production Team
Robb Fischer & David Pasquesi
Robb Fischer With Cisitalia 204
Sadiq Amhed & Antonio Brunet
Willy Porter - Magnificent Madness
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Most of us make decisions based on the question “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” But not Tazio Nuvolari. The name of the world’s greatest driver is synonymous with the ability to go against the darkest corners of your subconscious with a passion and focus that transcends fear and defies death.

Antonio Brunet
Automobile Historian


Documentary filmmaker Chip Duncan is the creator of Magnificent Madness. For season one, Duncan is joined by fellow producer Robert Huck, composer Peter Batchelder, archivists Stephanie Ballard and Theran Pfeiffer, Argentinian-based musicians Supercharango, and the sound design and mix team from Milwaukee-based Independent Studios. The award-winning team from Duncan Entertainment Group is responsible for this production.  The consulting producers for Magnificent Madness include Antonio Brunet, Dan Markley and Ed Godshalk.  For more information about the production company behind Magnificent Madness visit The Duncan Entertainment Group at

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